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Few limitations to this one. We got there a about 20 minutes sooner than expected and it's a good thing we did, after being there about a half hour all the action wrapped up for the day. I shot as much b-roll as I could in that time. I thought it came out pretty good for a 4 hour turn total from start to finish

Latin Lens

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Dude...this is pretty good. Again I'm going to say that the standup was a little weak compared to the rest of the package just because you had some great b-roll and nat sound. Again...get your reporter more involved...she could been using the bat for fielding practice and it would have played well with her actual words. Look for those similarities only because for this type of stories it plays well to have a little more fun and less newsy. Also...the Dominic Brown part kinda slowed the piece down...but again its only because you had great entertaining b-roll. Too bad he wasn't instructing because that would have been better b-roll to have gotten. B-roll was an A, A+ on this won...great video. Just putting it all together will take time but when it does your stories will be on another level.