Latin Lens

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Hey guys...any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to step up my transition effects in Avid and I am trying to copy some transition effects I see our promotions and other investigative units do with FCP. They appear to be like scrape/blur/glow wipes of some of some kind. Does anybody know how to do achieve this effect or at least come close in Avid? Post some examples if you can...and again thank you.

Necktie Boy

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One thing nice about FCP is support for transitions. There are many out there for free. To increase your filters and transition, Boris FX is one plugin that can be used with Avid. I believe NewBlue supports Avid.

I own both software packages, and find Boris FX easier to work, but I have own Boris FX's for a long time. But NewBlue just sells a transition package.