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Hi everyone,

There is a really great avid effect that I see is being used recently on quite a lot of news shows . It is where the tail end of the outgoing clip " rolls out of focus " and the head of the incoming clip " rolls into focus ". . . . it's more or less a 10 frame effect and it's mosly done between interviews etc,etc .

I would kindly appreciate very much if someone can explain to us how it is done .

Thanks very much.


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There are two ways to do this. The easiest is using a 3rd party FX plug-in, we use Sapphire Effects. I think what you're talking about is called a blur dissolve in the Sapphire Effects package. Sapphire plug-ins are expensive, so if you don't have the funds you can manually create the effect by applying a blur effect at the end of the out going clip and beginning of the incoming, then putting a dissolve between the two. You'll of course have to keyframe the blur coming and going.


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I use Sappire effects for this but you can use defocus from a resize effect promoted to 3D as filler for a quick blur transition. Nest a color effect with it and you can create a poor man's glow in just seconds.