Audio waveform in FCP

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Thanks to you guys we are ' rocking on " but one more thing :

Is there a way to enlargen the ' audio waveform ' in the FCP timeline ? Its very small which makes it a bit difficult to edit with. Keep in mind that it's not the ' audio track ' but just the ' audio waveform ' that needs to be enlargen.



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If the waveform doesn't get bigger (or taller) when enlarging the track and or zooming in, then you may have recorded your audio that low. I edit to the wave from all the time and have for nearly 8 years.
Here's one of my timelines from this week.

Good luck to you!

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Do you have Soundtrack Pro?

If the problem is your audio is recorded too low you can "send to" Soiundtrack Pro. Then use "adjust Amplitude. It's kind of like adding gain to the audio, but the results seem to be fairly clean with moderate use.