Alleged dog fighting and breeding operation in Flint busted.

Latin Lens

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So overall you did a fairly good job with this one. The easy part was being "johnny on the spot" and not missing a great shot for your reporter to write did all that. You got good scene sound/nats...but the one thing that was lacking was the moving around factor. It seemed you were really hyper-focused on just staying near the driveway...a nice perspecitve shot from 3 or 4 houses down to show how many trucks or agencies were involved in this bust would have spoken volumes of the severity. Any reaction sound would have been awesome...maybe you tried but nobody wanted to talk and I understand but those elements would have really placed this over the top. Good job.


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You had great b-roll, start with great video. B-roll the talking head at the start. Talking heads are boring. If you grab the viewers attention at the beginning with great b-roll, you got them hooked.