Adobe Premiere Export Restrictions

I'm looking for a solution to OMB reporters not following export instructions.

Our small market station has one Adobe Premiere 5.5 laptop with a MIFI 3g/4g hotspot so reporters can FTP video from outlying areas without tying up our only photographer/ENG operator (myself).
The system works pretty well, but I keep running into the issue of reporters selecting the wrong export settings (after I created a custom h.264 setting that drops to SD with as little loss as possible), and either trying to upload 400MB files over 3g or getting something with unusable resolution.
I'm just wondering if anyone has found a way to limit the export options ("pick the top one" doesn't seem to work), or create some kind of macro ("Export SD" or "Export HD" as the only 2 options with hotkeys of some kind). If anyone has more Premiere experience than I do, I would appreciate any ideas.
Thank you


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You could try deleting the other presets. On the same screen where you create your export settings and save them for future use, there is a tiny garbage can icon next to the "save preset" icon. You should be able to delete every other setting for that particular format. Also, it might also be a good idea to hold some kind of quick 15 minute meeting with everyone who needs to use said laptop so you can convey the importance of following your guidelines.

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You could do what Shawn suggested. delete the presets, but the problem is the "user". If the reporter can't remember, nor have a cheat sheet to make sure they use the correct setting, it's their problem. And deleting the preset doesn't sound like a good idea. Media Encoder is a powerful tool.

My buddy had FTP hundreds of files to the station, but he still has a set of direction with his laptop, to make sure he is doing it correctly.

Maybe putting a pdf on the desktop with direction of what setting to use. You can't hold their hand. It's their problem.

Thanks for the ideas. We've got a pretty small staff, so I've been able to take one on one time to walk through the process (stressing the importance of having the right settings), and the desktop background has the settings displayed clearly (away from clutter), so they're impossible to miss when the computer starts up. I'm planning on taping yet another copy next to the trackpad, but it's getting a little ridiculous.

I'm confident that this reporter won't make the same mistake again; it just throws a big wrench into a newscast the first time a new reporter tries to work from the field.

Thanks for the responses; I think I've been doing what you suggested already, but I'll keep on them. On a positive note, "My lead story got dropped to the C block because I didn't export correctly" can be a nice motivator/lesson for the whole staff.

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On a positive note, "My lead story got dropped to the C block because I didn't export correctly" can be a nice motivator/lesson for the whole staff.
Exactly! I was going to say that.....after missing slot a few times, that problem should fix itself!


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You can try building the preset into the sequence settings. It sticky, so everytime you open Abobe it will default to that preset as long as no one changes it. When you go to export, check the Match Sequence Settings box, and it will export to the setting you selected when you first started your sequence (ctrl+n)