A new beginning for B-Roll


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Thanks Kevin and I’m glad to be back in the new forum.

I think that the B-roll nation deserve some explanation of what’s been going on behind the scene.

Since the big blow out and my departure from B-roll I’ve received dozens of equally divided e-mails, some asked me to come back and others to start my own blog so those serious about learning don’t have to put up with the idiocy that have been spreading here like wildfire. I did get the domain EFPBLOG.com but the site has been dormant as I hesitated to get things started. I didn’t feel right taking viewers away from B-roll, so Kevin and I exchanged a few e-mails in order to figure what the problem was and how to fix it; and this was the first solution, of course general inputs and suggestions will be greatly appreciated

The VJ Forum

The problem is that the industry is changing, but that’s not the real problem, there’s a new influx of people with very limited knowledge of the business, mostly known as VJs. Just a few years ago most of these newcomers wouldn’t qualify even as interns, today they’ve been told that they are the future of this business, handed a prosumer camera and sent out on assignments. The more entrepreneurial ones walk into Best Buy with a credit card and walk out all equipped to start their own business. This is the fastest growing segment of this business and these people fill the need of inexpensive labor and cheap production. Like it or not they are here to stay. Mixing them with the general production population is unfair to them and to the rest of us. Many of the discussions that ended up in battles were caused by apple and oranges discussions and people who couldn’t tell the two of them apart. People in this new segment of production needs their very own place to exchange ideas and grow with the business.

Granted, many VJs are experienced photographers who have chosen or forced to become a OMB. If you are one of them you could do a world of good by lending a helping hand to the new wave of newcomers.

The ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Forum

This is for the traditional news photographer, those who works with reporters, use satellite trucks and most importantly produce real news; yes real news because the line that divides real news from most of the stuff done today has become really blurred, or people with their own agenda have been intentionally blurring the line for their financial advantage.

Most of the videos that I see today is not news, those are mini features. News by definition is information that the public need to know. Although I enjoy watching a video of sunsets or amateur roller derby, that’s not news and I doubt that the public NEED to be informed about roller derby and just about everyone know about sunrises and sunsets. I’ve been looking thru many of the videos submitted here on B-roll, fine work but hardly any news.

News is politic, health affairs, the economy, unemployment, the real estate crisis, the war, the oil spill, etc. This is information that the public NEED to know. This is journalism that requires research, investigation, knowledge and experience.

The EFP (Electronic Field Productions) and Advanced Productions Forum.

Some people still have difficulties distinguishing the difference between ENG and EFP, so here’s my very basic definition:

ENG is doing something with something that’s there

EFP is doing something with something that isn’t there

If you push a cart filled with equipment to the job site, (or better yet if you have one of your crew push the cart) chances are you are doing and EFP assignment.

If you push two carts filled with equipment then chances are that you are doing an Advanced EFP Production.

Most EFP photographers are freelancers and most will get hired to do all sorts of assignments, assignment that might also include VJ and ENG types of jobs, and often ENG and EFP are mixed in the same job. Skills diversification is the most important tool in order to succeed.

EFP photographer also have a substantial equipment investment. Maintenance, repairs and upgrades is a major part of the business, not to mention how to make the investment worthwhile. This require discussion that normally do not apply to the other forums.

So here you have it, this is why Kevin decided that there’s a need to give each of the 3 types of productions their own forum so discussion could take place without outside interference and hopefully avoiding the past conflicts. So please, know where you belonged and help your fellow photographers.

As far as my renewed involvement with B-roll goes it will be confined to the EFP forum. I will however comment (on this forum) on all posting if I feel that wrong or misleading information were posted, especially if related in anyway to EFP or advanced productions

I invite all the veterans who have left B-roll because of all the idiocy that took place in the past to come back and share your knowledge now that we have our very own forum and a new beginning.


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Good to see you here Nino! Your knowledge, experience and willingness to share it is greatly appreciated.

Chicago Dog

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Welcome back, Nino! I'm glad you've returned. I share your enthusiasm for the forum's future.

However, part of me can't help but remain cautiously optimistic about the changes. In my opinion, the problems extend beyond misunderstanding and reach into misrepresentation, embellishment, and straight-out lies.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: b-roll.net is a learning tool. I've used it ever since my days as a rookie. I'm glad I found the site because it gave me a window into the profession on multiple fronts from multiple cities, big and small.

It makes me mad to see someone speak as if they've got twenty years in the field when they barely have a fraction of that. I've read equipment-wrecking "suggestions." I've read "advice" that will create unnecessarily dangerous situations to self and co-workers. I've seen career-ending antics.

A rookie can naïvely take that text as bible truth while not even realizing it's coming from a very questionable source.


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I understood everything up to the point where Nino decides what ENG is and ENG isn't. That said, I look forward to an invigorated b-roll and hope this most recent division of disciplines will assist younger readers in always considering the source.


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Good to hear from Nino again!

Nino's post might make him the the champion for the EFP section. I don't wish him so much stress, but rather see it as being passionate enough about b-roll to discipline the kids.

I hope adding these sections won't fracture the b-roll nation. These new sections should make it easier for participants to consider the source.

Alright, now where were we??


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Thanks gang and I'm glad to be back, and thanks Kevin for creating this new forum.

To make it successful we need everyone's participation. None of us knows everything that there is to know to be successful, and in changing times we need to add knowledge and skills in order to make or maintain a decent and comfortable living.

This is what I envision this forum to become, THE PLACE for resources and information, so much needed to advance in this profession (and make more $$$ of course).

Also ask questions about anything to do with this business, and don't be afraid to answer.

There's nothing more valuable in any profession than someone sharing trues genuine working experiences; and never underestimate the value of your experiences, it might be routine to you but a treasure of information to others.



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Great to have you back Nino!

Haven't posted on here in awhile since I have nothing new to offer, but always enjoyed your views.

You are right about the market changing, especially here in Las Vegas.
There are so many people here that have bought cheap handicams and have lowered the wages for the professional cameramen.

Because of that, I stay away from shooting and concentrate on editing these days.


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You're knowledge isn't gold...IT'S PLATINUM

I am one of the very few young guys out there who WANTS to learn the skills and INCREASE MY QUALITY to stand out from the rest. And I need you're help, I await for the new site to be ready. Thank you so everything you have done so far and I look forward to more.