How to Back Focus an XDCAM EX Camera

From: CineTechnica

New technology brings smaller cameras and smaller controls. The new changeable lens EX cameras from Sony have a much more menu driven method to correct the back focus.

Andy Shipsides of AbelCine takes us through the process.

Sony Digibeta DVW-A500 & XDCAM PDW-F70 FOR SALE

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HD Warrior Reviews the Sony NX-5

From: HD Warrior Philip Johnston, DP/Editor/Director in Glasgow, Scotland has put together a video review of the new Sony NX-5. I’m a fan of a good Scottish accent, so I enjoyed the clip on that level alone, but Philip has put together a very in-depth look into this camera. Check it out and share your thoughts on the FORUM. Read more here… View on ExposureRoom

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Sony Announces New Cameras

The big news finally broke yesterday (10/20) but the rumors were flying in advance. Now you can watch the video yourself and see all the glory of the new cameras. The PMW-350 and the PMW-EX1R expand the  Sony’ XDCAM EX family. “The products include Sony’s first 2/3-inch CMOS memory camcorder, the shoulder-mount model PMW-350, and the PMW-EX1R, which adds DVCAM™ recording capability as well as numerous enhancements directly resulting from…


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