Show Us Your Snow!

As the United States east coast “braces” for the “storm of the century” or the “blizzard of 09” or the “winter wonderland” or whatever promo writers are calling the storm this time – many of us are going to be tromping around in the white stuff. We have some weather shooting tips here, but we want to hear and SEE from you. Upload your photos to flickr¬† and tag them… and Social Media

I have only recently begun experimenting with Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.¬† (You can find my Twitter feed at: and Flickr at Are these valuable resources or time-suckers to use on your phone while waiting for an interview? What are you using to communicate and network on the web? What should be added to to connect with “Social Media” Send me your ideas through Twitter, on the… Inauguration Photos

We want to see your photos from coverage of the Obama Inauguration. Email your photos to: Put the title of the photo as the subject, and a description in the body of the email. Join the Flickr group: and add your photos from DC. I’m new to Flickr, so give me any advice you may have…