Anton/Bauer to Debut New Batteries at NAB

Anton/Bauer is introducing its Dionic® HC high current camera battery at NAB 2009. The Dionic HC is capable of up to 10 amps. With 85 watt-hr capacity, a built-in LCD real-time fuel gauge tracks up to nine hours of run time. Its seven segment numerical icon display indicates hours while the circular arcs illustrate 15-minute time intervals. “Cameras and other pieces of equipment have gone up in power requirements as…

NAB | Anton/Bauer Goes Big

Note: To those of you gullible enough to be confused… this is a joke! (and a bad one at that).


Sing it with me! “Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun, and I say… it’s all right…” In these times of ’60’s musical sell-outs perhaps Anton-Bauer should consider this George Harrison ditty as a way to sell one of its newest products. The UltraDAYlight is the latest addition to Anton-Bauer’s Ultralight camera-top light system. This HMI style light produces 5600k light without the need for a dichroic filter. The…