Need Freelance help in Phoenix

One of my clients who has a facility in Phoenix needs some help making adjustments to their in house Audio/video system. I am looking for someone who can check out the system and report back to me what’s going on, then implement repairs. We wont be repairing hardware, but maybe doing some rewiring and box swapping.

I do a lot of work with this client when their needs exceed the capabilities of their in house system, and now have an opportunity to work with their facilities around the county. So there is a real possibility that it could turn into ongoing work. I know we have all heard that before. Thee are no guarantees, but I have been stretching my relationship with them into their other facilities across the nation for awhile and currently have the opening to do more. If you can help me, we can build this into a long term relationship.

They have all consumer grade equipment in house, and very little knowledge of how it works. I need someone who can be part A/V tech, part camera operator, and a master of client relations.

PM, email or call me if you are in Phoenix and interested.