Summer Movie Review

So, ask me how I liked “Pacific Rim”.

Gee, I don’t know.  I’ll tell you when I finally get to see it.

(Photo by John Vincent)

After a full day of work in Leimert Park, covering the protest in reaction to the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, I was asked to come back to work to help on the night shift.

That’s never happened before.  I get called in from home often enough, but never when I’m away from home.


The story was pretty huge.  Violence had broken out along Crenshaw near Leimert Park.


The nightside crews needed my help.

Well, somebody at my station seemed to believe the nightside crews needed my help.  I think the nightside crews had it covered and were completely fine without me.


With just over an hour off the clock, I found myself headed back work.

I have to admit, things were slightly more tense than when I left the area earlier.


What I saw was chaotic, but not the worst I’ve ever seen it get between police and protestors.


It felt dangerous.  I tried not to stray too far from the van, but I still had a job to do and safety in my job is really kind of a relative term.

There was plenty to document with my video camera and I was lucky I had a some small opportunities to snap a still picture.


There was one protestor, he looked like a teen (didn’t get a shot of him), who approached my van as if he was going to tag it or maybe do some damage to it.

I actually saw another teen wave him off.


I wonder if the second teen had a sense of right and wrong or if there was too many cops and witnesses around.

I’m thankful either way.


Among the many protestors on hand, their were also community leaders in the park. . .


. . .as was our newly elected Mayor (also Mark Ridley Thomas from the Board of Supervisors, the Chief of Police and I don’t know who that other guy is).


In the worst incident of the night, Dave Bryan and Photographer Scott Torrens were assaulted and Scott left the scene in an ambulance.  To be honest, I’m suffering from some bits of survivor’s guilt over not being there when it happened.

Not sure if it would have made any difference, I’m just thankful that nobody in the crowd decided to start shooting.

I’m likely going back to Leimert park today and I hope my luck holds out for another shift.  After work, my lovely wife and I will head over to the Arclight theaters and try to see “Pacific Rim” again.

It feels like I’m going through a lot to see that movie, but it’s really not that serious.  There’s a much better show going on in Leimert Park and I’ve heard mixed reviews for “Pacific Rim”.