Northern Short Course in Elizabeth, NJ – March 8-9, 2013

February 23, 2013 lead

NSC TV Program 2013
Elizabeth, New Jersey

TV News is changing fast. How it is delivered and what constitutes news is changing with it. How will you adapt to new technologies, new audiences, and new demands on your skills. Get a fresh perspective on the building blocks of TV news storytelling and learn how your professional peers are surviving and thriving. Come watch outstanding stories by great photojournalists. Learn some new tricks. Diversify your skills to be a better job candidate and team leader in today’s newsroom. Join us for great workshops and wonderful TV storytelling at the NPPA’s Northern Short Conference, March 8-9 in Elizabeth, NJ.

The TV program starts on Friday night, with tape critiques and welcome, starting at 8 PM. The Saturday TV lecture series offers a full day of sessions with the best TV storytellers in the business. In addition, the still photojournalism and multimedia training workshops run Thursday and Friday in basic storytelling, Final Cut Pro Editing, audio, lighting and business practices. This is excellent professional development for a great price.
Pre-registration is preferred, walk-ins are welcome.

TV Program

Trust Yourself, Reward Yourself, Turn It Around
Oliver Janney, CNN Photojournalist
CNN Washington

We all have those days: This story is ridiculous…It isn’t going to make the air or the top spot on the website…It isn’t worth my time…I have better places to be. This is the wrong path. You need to turn around the story and your attitude to win.

Former WBFF editor and WJZ photographer, CNN DC Photojournalist Oliver Janney has found success. He will share his essential tips, tricks, and strategies that crews at one of the largest and business news networks in the world utilize to meet the most demanding assignments. No matter what level of the business you’re operating in, you need to turn a stagnant situation into an opportunity to succeed every day. Make a difference in your work and your future.

The Whole Package from Concept to Live
Scott Broom
Reporter/Photojournalist, WUSA9

Scott Broom is often asked, “How the heck can you do anything that passes as legitimate TV reporting if you’re busy driving, shooting, editing and posting to the web?” Broom has learned to find the balance in today’s digital age and will share some of what he has learned managing the workload of an assignment desk, producer, photographer, editor and correspondent while getting it all done on tight deadlines. “The crew is gone,” Broom explains, “I work alone, shooting and editing my own video. I write and deliver content on all platforms all the time. I file text, video, and photo updates to the Internet throughout the day via wireless broadband.

WUSA’s Digital Correspondent Scott Broom is a new breed of electronic journalist. After 26 years as an Emmy Award winning traditional “coat and tie” TV reporter, he is now tasked with accelerating the television news industry’s shift from traditional broadcasting to high-volume web-based, video, and text communications. As a ”One Man Band” he has reported single-handedly in the most challenging environments including from Port au Prince Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. Scott is an expert in how digital media are changing the local TV news landscape. His work is now featured at the Newseum as an example of the dramatic changes occurring in the media business.

Excellence in an Hour
Mike Schuh, Journalist
WJZ Eye Witness News, Baltimore

It’s easy to fall in a rut, chasing story after story with the pressure of unforgiving broadcast deadlines. It’s easy to keep your head down and just do as your told, but if you want opportunities to tell great stories you have to make them happen yourself. Mike Schuh has mastered the art of hot to be excellent when you only have time for mediocre. Mike will share his experiences and his tips on how to rise above the deadline and win awards in the same amount of time that most crews struggle just to get on air with.

Before joining CBS O&O in Baltimore in 1993, Mike told stories in Cape Girardeau, MO, Louisville, and Indianapolis. Mike Schuh has worked for about a dozen general managers and news directors, all who have very different thoughts about what news should look and sound like. He has successfully adapted what he’s learned here to keep his bosses happy while at the same time producing stories which keep his excited about his job. He is happy to discuss survival techniques.

Discovering a Story’s Magic
Michael DelGiudice, WNBC-TV

Many people ask Michael how he ”pulls off” NPPA storytelling in a market that doesn’t really favor that style of shooting and editing. Talent, hard work and the right attitude has brought success in this market that leaves time for no one. Like many, Michael is in the business because of the people he is lucky to meet. People are the magic ingredient in his stories, whether in a daily turnaround or a longer form project. He will show us how to personalize a story, making the most of the people out there in front of your lens and notebook. He will show how attention to detail in the field combined with great editing brings out the best in a story.

Michael DelGiudice is a photographer and editor at WNBC-TV in New York City. Prior to that, he worked for News 12 Long Island for almost 20 years. His hard work and storytelling skills has earned him prestigious awards, most notably two National Edward R. Murrow Awards,10Regional Murrow Awards and over 50 Emmy Awards from the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Mike is a 6-time National Press Photographers Association’s Regional “Photographer of the Year” award winner. He has also received over a dozen NPPA “Best of Photojournalism” national awards for TV Photography and Editing. In 2006, he was named a national “Ernie Crisp TV News Photographer of the Year” finalist.

Your Dime Their Time

What can you do to be more efficient in the edit bay? How do you find stories on your own that the station wants to cover? How does your reel stack up to the competition? Is there anything you should change to make your resume more appealing? How do you monitor a scanner, listen to news radio, and talk to the assignment desk by phone while eating fast food, taking notes, and driving. Bring your reels, resumes, and any questions you ever wanted answered about the news business or anything else. This panel of some of the best in business is all ears, and eager to offer their suggestions, advice, and maybe even witty quip or two.

TV Story Critiques

Bring your stories and a willingness to learn from each other and the best in the business. Join the Friday evening critique session and throughout the conference on Saturday. Arrangements will be announced at the start of the program.

Please bring all stories on DVD format or digital files only. NO TAPES!

Contact Bob Davis at for any questions. Or call 802.343.7197


Bob Davis- TV Program Co-Chair, WCAX-TV, (802) 343.7197,
Sean Filburn- TV Program Co-Chair, RTTV-Washington, 202.942.7445,

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