Cameragod Checks out the C300

November 1, 2012 lead

Everyone loves playing with new “toys.” New Zealand based “Cameragod,” Stephen Press took a fully outfitted Canon C300 for a spin. The apparatus looks wild – hopefully we can get his opinions on it soon.


  1. Jacques Star says:

    I’ve used this camera before, I really like it.

    Sweet rig, by the way

  2. Steve A says:

    Okay, it looks nice, but If the idea is to save money over a conventional ENG camera, I wonder how much it costs after you get all that other stuff for it.

  3. For ENG get a Panasonic AG-hpx370. save $$$$ and many headaches. For EFP and more controlled projects, get a canon eos c100 with Atamos ninja2 again save $$$$$..

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