Snide Before the Fall

Crosby, Stills and Ass

You there, with the lime green top and industrial size fanny pack. That thing between your legs is my tripod. You may have noticed it’s holding up my camera. In fact, I put it here on purpose – a safe distance from said holy podium and safely behind the seats. Look around and you’ll see others like me. We TV types may travel separately, but we gather in packs – especially at events like these. See, sometimes a simple semicircle will do. No jostle, no bother, no rattling knobs like you. I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that to a stranger, but since your every pelvic thrust is causing my lens to wiggle, I felt it was something we could share. Is there not a coat rack in the corner with which you can bump and grind? The view may not be as nice, but you’re far less likely to have, say, a hamstring sliced by a TV station key-chain over there. Nooo, that’s not a threat – just the self-expressed fantasy of the cameraman whose glaring holes through your threadbare sweater. Are those Garanimals? Ah, there I go again, dating myself: a province I suspect you know well. Really though, can I ask you one question, you know, before I unsheathe my Leatherman and do something your morning rag and my next newscast will both be forced to lead with…

Where does one find a fanny pack that size? And what do you put in it? Your Lincoln Logs collection? I mean, I know you still photogs like to come heavy, but I’ve done live shots from hot air balloons with less hardware. Anyway, you may want to unbelt that mother and set her down real slow-like — before the blood loss kicks in and you topple over on us all.