Tesla’s in Town

There are a few names out there that are synonymous with the city of Sacramento, and the compitition to be at the top is always fierce. But now that Arnold has gone along on his merry way, a classic group of rockers are finding that they can reclaim their spot at #1.

Hometown heroes Tesla made an appearance in Sactown (as they do with some regularity) for the release of their new album yesterday. I was disappointed to find the CD wasn’t simply 12 remixed versions of Love Song, but the frenzied Sacramentans that packed Dimple Records didn’t seem to mind. Guess we all have different standards.

The boys cranked out a few acoustic tunes for the audience before firing up their pens and signing everything that came their way. But they weren’t the only Sac Celebs in the house…

Guitarist Frank Hannon and bassist Brian Wheat stepped away from the hullabaloo for a quick photo with the Central Valley’s most famous mustached beta tape.

It’s a little scary to see so much celebrity power in one place… but it’s nice to see all the big timers can get along. Perhaps… love will find a way?