Don’t get out of bed.

June 10, 2011 photog blogs

The alarm went off………snooze………

2nd Alarm ten minutes later woke me from a place far away from waking, far away from children and even further away from work.

Standing in the shower watching the water swirl around my toes and down the drain, a level of consciousness faded by the warmth, I soon realised the time and a need to hasten my son off to the train for school.

As per usual, our morning time was cut short by the usual banter between brother and sister which had ended the night before in……..”Get @&*#, get yourself to school, and don’t *&%#&@*# ask me for a lift again.”

Raining and cold and a need to feel like a responsible and compassionate parent, I abandoned my coffee ritual and drove him to school with the ever self-assured concept I could get back home in time to catch my train.

The glance across to him in the car, school blazer MIA should have alerted me to the fact; I should have stayed in bed. The day never got better.

• Was late for train and had to run to catch it. Hate sitting on the train looking like I need an oxygen bottle.
• Got to work to find office needed me out the door ASAP. Who ever said anything about having time to scratch yourself?
• Found someone had removed some audio gear and was now MIA. Both the gear and them!
• Went to plan B to cover the job as was told it was a quick press conference, and would not need audio gear. Really? Hmmmm……anyway, was it a Press Conference?
• No it was not……..was filming kids dying of cancer. Just a tad different one would think!
• Found someone had spent all my parking money change. That added to the point below.
• Had to bolt to the next job without refuelling with coffee! This is normally a big NO NO!
• Had numerous audio issues, overcame all, now feel like I could part the Red Sea but it’s not the point really.
• Went to Airport to film players of a sport I know nothing about……….Soccer. They all look the same to me, so I filmed them all.
• Was set upon by Airport Media attack dog………she told me I had no permissions to film………OMG we done this hunny, in fact we have this same conversation every time we go to the Airport.
• I tell you, someone has a better chance of shooting the Prime Minister than I do of shooting Soccer players!

Apart from my customary and insignificant grumblings about the rest of the day and how it all panned out………..I would have to say it ended rather better than it started, only now that it’s a few days and a few reds ago………..I’m sure it ended as it started……….asleep.