There’s a New Sheriff (Back) in Town

March 1, 2011 photog blogs
It’s no secret that California’s seen its better days. But the old guy will be missed. Say what you will about his job performance… but it was friggin‘ cool to see the friggin‘ Terminator in my day-to-day business…

But then, he and I did have history together that’s hard to forget. Oh Arnold, can you please do Kindergarden Cop 2 already?
But yeah, a new guy is running the party now, and he’s made it clear that things are going to be done differently. Not just fiscally, but media-ly as well. For starters, rather than having press conferences at that boring old media room, we’re gonna start doing things around a picnic table outside his office. Yup. A picnic table.
Pretty sweet, eh? The best part of this was that the press conference ended with his aides saying he was late for the next meeting. As he left, he pointed out that there was free coffee waiting by the door for everybody. “Hey, there’s plenty of coffee over here! Why isn’t anyone drinking the coffee? Come on people, we got coffee here!” He left his aides and grabbed a cup of coffee, encouraging everyone to join in. They kept saying he was late for the next appointment, but he kept chit-chatting with the good folks of the local media, saying “Grab some coffee! Why don’t you have any coffee?”
Conan’s out, Brown’s (back) in. So far, I gotta say the newbie can throw a picnic way better than the last guy. But then, I guess he’s done this before. Can he mend the battle-weary super state? I dunno, the last guy beat it up pretty bad (you remember what he did to the Predator, right? Way worse…), and if Predator 2 was any indication… this might suck pretty bad. But I’m ready to find out!