Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown to hold Workshop in Sydney

For the first time in a decade, Academy Award-winning Steadicam inventor, cinematographer and trainer Garrett Brown, and Steadicam designer, cinematographer and trainer, Jerry Holway will lead a factory-certified Gold 5 ½ day Steadicam workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Running Sunday July 24 to Friday 29th, at the new Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) clubhouse (and local environs) in North Sydney, students will have access to every current Steadicam rig from Ultra 2 to Smoothee, including the amazing Tango, as well as the latest grip and vehicle mount gear, electronic and film cameras and lenses plus remote focus rigs, wireless transmitters, filters and accessories.

The course is limited to 20 students and is designed for anyone interested in operating Steadicam professionally, from beginners looking at a career as a Steadicam operator to seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their skills with the world’s best trainers.
The course fee of US$3500 includes all meals, the Steadicam Operator’s Handbook by Jerry Holway and Laurie Hayball, all course materials, data on all equipment, plus Steadicam and ACS caps and shirts. Students work in groups of 4-5 each with a professional Steadicam operator/trainer plus Jerry and Garrett. Students move between tasks and trainers, gaining the broadest range of theoretical and practical experience from Academy and ACS award winning operators. Accommodation is the only additional cost.

Those interested in attending this most comprehensive, factory-certified Steadicam Operator’s training course (based on the US and European workshops) should contact Brett Smith at Tiffen immediately on +61 (0) 417 663 803 or Further information can be obtained at or by filling out the application form.

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