Red Rocker Back in the Sac

Yesterday, I was driving back from Ceres after a live shot… a good 90 mile (or so) drive. After a jolt, the CHECK ENGINE light came on in my Jeep, and the engine sounded like it was struggling. It seemed unable to shift into the higher gears, becaue driving at 60 MPH was putting it into 6000 RPM… the red zone! I litterally COULD NOT DRIVE 55… and it took forever to get back to the station. This is a true story.

The following day… Sammy Hagar made an appearance in Sactown (technically Roseville) for a book signing. Coincidence? I think not…

And when the Red Rocker comes to town, the people come out IN FORCE! Hundreds of people lined up in what might have been the worst weather of the past year… wind, rain, even tornadoes here and there… to catch a quick scribble from Van Hagar himself. One guy even flew in from Washington for this event. Damn.

But then, Sammy is no stranger to the Sactown region. You may remember his appearance at Raley Field last Memorial Day? It was good to get re-acquainted with the guy… although he wasn’t available for an interview before the signing (AKA he didn’t get a chance to chat with the Yellow Rocker Alfonzo Beta). Oh well, perhaps on his next visit.

Sure… Dan Aykroid, Chuck Liddell and Amy Smart made time to chat with him… but I’m sure Sammy’s a busy man.

But no hard feelings, it was great to see Mr. Cabo Wabo himself in town (I went “way down South” years ago to his club in Cabo…. I can honestly say it was the most excellent quesadella I’ve ever had), and I would be more than happy to step out on the town and see him again. Perhaps next time he can scribble that lil’ John Hancock across everybody’s favorite yellow local celebrity.

Until next time, Sammy… we’ll be waiting!