Changes in the FORUM

In an attempt to represent the changing landscape of our industry, we’re starting to reorganize the FORUM.

The audience for what we do is expanding every day. Your product may be viewed on a wide screen TV or a viewers cell phone. Your camera may be a half-million dollar piece of glass or a $150 flipcam. In the end, it’s all about making the best of the resources you have and creating better visual story-telling.

In the past there have been a lot of out-of-control threads caused by multiple parties looking at the discussion from very different backgrounds. Out of context, these debates can get out of hand.

So I’ve re-arranged the forums and added a few. Basically, you now have a ENG / TV News section, an EFP / Production section and a One Man Band section. This way you know where the thread is coming from…

Keep in mind, you can always view the most recent active threads from all the forums by going to:

Please let us know how this works… and how we can make it better.


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