Photog Arrested for Stealing Station Cameras

August 7, 2010 lead

With “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light” now canceled, the void is being filled with a  new Soap Opera in Seattle, WA.

Back in May, we saw the drama begin when freelancer Jud Morris, sold video of alleged police brutality to a competing station. This raised a lot of questions on who owns the video shoot by a freelancer.

Now the situation has turned to: who owns that camera you have in your apartment.

According to published reports, the same freelancer, Jud Morris, has now been arrested for theft when multiple cameras owned by the Seattle Fox Affiliate were found in his home.

The story gets more interesting every day.

Maybe he woke up with amnesia. Or is really an evil twin. Or some other cliched Soap Opera plot…

The FORUM discussion is here…

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