Steve Hartman’s Ultimate WX Standup

When it comes to storytelling, Steve Hartman of CBS never fails to impress. He’s constantly finding new ways to inform, delight and entertain, while telling amazing stories. His recent CBS Evening News piece on HOT weather is a case in point. Check out the standup, around 1:15 in…

This video even raised Katie Couric’s attention. She delves into it in her blog. When Steve was asked “How Did You Do That?,” the response was:

“So how did I travel back in time? It was simple – by looking ahead.”

Read more about it here.

Join the discussion about it here.


  1. Nate McLaughlin says:

    Steve never ceases to amaze me. He’s constantly got me asking myself, “Why didn’t I think of that!” Such a simple concept, with such an awesome result.

  2. JPow says:

    Very cool…talk about planning ahead.

  3. […] to b-roll for the link to a standup by Steve Hartmen unlike any I’ve seen. Just goes to prove creativity and imagination make the story. Oh […]

  4. Dieter says:

    I said it a long time ago when working with Steve Hartman for CBS, he is one of the greatest story tellers in television today… lets see how many local reportes try doing the same thing!!!!

  5. Joe Pinner says:

    Simply brilliant!!!!!! Pointing out there are the miserable weather whiners everywhere. Wimpy ones…adjust and enjoy…prepare when necessary but live, laugh and love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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