Finland ENG Truck is Well Stocked


A photog in Finland decided to completely outfit is new Toyota Landcruiser for any eventuality.

“I decided to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser and build everything I need into it. My SUV is equipped with live transmission capability for news broadcasts and a high speed internet access (2 Mbps while on the move, 12 Mbps when stationary) for sending files etc.

I also installed a Victron Energy 1600W 230V inverter to generate power for all my equipment. Additional batteries and a charging system have been installed as well.

Because of the nature of my work, I also have a lot of communication equipment in the truck. Three GSM phones (for IFB and regular calling) a sat phone (Inmarsat BGAN), HF / VHF / UHF-radio, scanner, and another UHF mobile radio + six portables for production use.”

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  1. Raj Vithalani says:

    Wow…the only other man as well-equipped would be James Bond!

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