Hatcams Look VERY Uncool…

From: Gizmodo

This is kind of scary.

It’s already hard to take people serious with microscopic baby cameras and “Flips,” but this is taking it to a whole new level.

Granted, mom and the kid look very happy here, but I imagine this will make you the laughing stock of your next family gathering.

Order your new “Hatcam,” today. Just in time for your next “undercover” story.


  1. Lewis says:

    So for a few hundred thousand pounds I can have access to Prince Andrew?…What? Oh, haha, of course I don’t have a camera on my hat…

  2. glen says:

    I am a fan. It is practical…as long as your not at a beauty contest, you shouldn’t mind its goofyness. Where can I buy one?

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