What’s in Your Bag?

April 23, 2010 lead

A year ago, I was honored to put together an article for the May 2009 issue of Broadcast Engineering. The final article was a fun project called, What’s In Your Bag?

I’ve been asked to do it again… and I need your help. My last article covered the basic “first tier” list of run bag gear. I need more examples. What the strangest thing you keep with you at all times?

Post here – or send me an email at: kev@b-roll.net.



  1. B&T says:

    A rubber doorstop. Rides in my waist bag at all times. Small doesn’t get in the way. Cheap. If i forget it, who cares. I use it all the time for the low angle shots on the ground. We’ve all done em. Place the camera on the ground to get the low angle shot. But, the ground eats up too much foreground. So we use our hands, wallets, whatever we can find. I use a rubber doorstop. I can get a nice steady low shot. I can increase the amount of tilt. Works everytime. Plus it keeps doors open when stringing cables for live shots or the back door of the station while loading gear.

  2. Dan Criswell says:

    the usual…

    and a few helpful extras:

    XLR to Mini – plug into a computer headphone jack for crystal clear(line level) audio from youtube, a DVD, or any other audio on the computer.

    Line to Mic pad – drops line level audio to mic level without having to throw any switches or setting on the camera. Its as small as two XLR turnarounds.

    Mechanix gloves – found at any auto parts store. Best gloves I’ve found for running cable, working with hot lights, and keeping warm shooting hs football. Yes, it gets cold in Florida.

  3. Lewis Tingler says:

    A map and compass. Seems kind of out dated, but the combination of bad directions from the desk and being out in the sticks where I get no phone reception means that the ‘old school’ has had to save me a couple of times.

  4. KCD says:

    1 point and shoot digital
    1 mini DVD handycam
    And all the various cables for them.
    I also have mechanix gloves(gets cold in Vermont too)
    Electrical tape and Ziplock bags for any on the fly waterproofing needs.
    And most importantly, Snacks.

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