Prizes for AWARDS Voters

February 11, 2010 lead

We’ve had a wee-bit of snow here in DC this week – and covering it with a video camera has taken priority over  So unfortunately, I’ve been a little delayed in posting material on the site.

The first round of AWARDSS voting ended a week ago, and we’re now in the final voting for the 2010 AWARDS. Thanks to everyone who watched hundreds of clips and gave us honest feedback on who was best in this talented race to be the b-roller of the YEAR.

We don’t expect you to do this for nothing. We’re giving prizes to top voters in both Round 1 and Round 2. We randomly pick winners from the b-rollers who have judged the most clips. Here are the results for winning voters in Round 1.

Congratulations to detroitsprings who wins a HAT and wutang who walks away with a MESSENGER BAG.

There’s still time to win in Round 2! You have 48 hours to vote – good luck to you and everyone competing in the AWARDS.

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