Playing in the Snow… Snoverkill 2010

I’m officially over snow. We’ve been fighting it in Washington, DC for almost a week now and I’m ready for a warm tropical island.

Today was an interesting experience. I have never seen DC so empty and quiet – only the TV crews and snow plows were driving around. It felt like a movie set in one of those post-apocalyptic tales – where a meteor levels the capital. Zombie like residents walked aimlessly down the middle of major roads – because the sidewalks were impassible.

We got to work next to the NBC and Weather Channel crews. You know you’ve hit the BIG TIME of crappy weather when Mike Sidel arrives in your town. Our little corner of hell frozen over was occupied by at least 5 or 6 different crews.

I just wanted to thank our staff at Cox TV in DC. Everyone has been working long hours and freezing to get the stories on the air. All of this – and everyone still has a smile on their face.

Thanks to fellow shooters, Jeff, David and Jon (David hopes to have feeling in his fingers again, soon). Thanks to reporters, Carol, Scott and Alison for playing with us in the snow. And last but not least, thanks to Heidi and Catherine for holding down the fort and making sure everyone stays safe.

Now, when is it going to be 80 degrees again?

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  1. Mikko Lindskog says:

    Being from Sweden I do understand the hardship shooting outside in that kind of weather, but I just love the photo of the very determined jogger. Determined should possible be in capitals. 🙂

    Mikko Lindskog

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