b-roll.net “WOOT OFF”

Looking through the inventory of b-roll.net GEAR, I found a couple of limited edition t-shirts that were asking to be sold. Like the famous internet phenomenon, woot.com, we’re going to sell them cheap – while supplies last.

The prices in the new b-roll.net STORE are great, but can be made them even better if you merge your b-roll.net STORE account with your b-roll.net FORUM account. Read this little explanation on how to merge your accounts, and then you’ll automatically see greater discounts when you log in.

What would you like to see in the b-roll.net STORE? Need gaffers tape? What about lens cleaning supplies? Miller tripods? Fujinon lenses? I’m sure there are other products you’d like to see rather than b-roll.net LOGO GEAR. Tell us what you’d like to see in your store.

We want to offer you the products you need – at great prices – from a site you trust.

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