SAVE 30% with your FORUM account in the STORE

December 13, 2009 discussion, lead

storeWe unveiled the STORE at the beginning of December, just in time for “Cyber Monday.” Granted it isn’t loaded with the same variety of goods you’ll find at Target or Walmart, but it is your one-stop shop for all things

Now we want to give you a bigger discount for being registered on the FORUM. We have a tutorial to explain it all, but basically, you can create an account in the STORE and connect it to your FORUM login. That way you’re always logged into one when you’re logged into the other, and when you review products in the STORE it automatically creates a thread in the FORUM.

The best reason to connect your accounts is the savings. As soon as you integrate your FORUM account with your STORE account, the prices in the online catalog instantly get cheaper. This is member-only pricing that you’ll only see if you’re a FORUM member. The savings will vary from time to time, but RIGHT NOW for a limited time, you’ll save 30% on all of our SWAG.

For example, you’ll see 30% off the $35.00 price of the POLO SHIRT.

Check out the tutorial for all the details.

AS A LITTLE FORESHADOWING — if we started stocking camera and production equipment for sale at competitive prices in the STORE, what would you want to see offered? What products do you shop for most? What name brands would you like sold?

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