Mike Leyland

September 16, 2009 photog blogs

Pioneering Australian documentary filmmaker and one half of the Leyland Brothers, Mike Leyland, has died aged 68 from Parkinson’s disease-related complications.

The Leyland Brothers rose to fame as explorers and documentary filmmakers, best known for their popular Channel Nine television show Ask The Leyland Brothers.
Ask The Leyland Brothers ran from 1976 until 1984, becoming part of Australian television history.
At the show’s peak, over 2 million viewers tuned in to watch the weekly program, where the brothers travelled to far away destinations around the country after viewers wrote in to ask them to visit.
Mike was eight and his brother Mal was five when they migrated with their parents from England to Newcastle in New South Wales in 1950. Mike remained in Newcastle for the duration of his days.
He is survived by his widow, Margie, daughters Kerry, Sandy and Dawn, step-daughters Sarah and Alison and seven grandchildren.