Real World DC Photog Apologizes for Blocking VJ


After weeks of criticism from photogs on this site and others, the Real World DC photographer who harassed WUSA photographer Lindsey Mastis has issued her an apology.

Dear Lindsey Mastis,

I would like to extend an apology for my conduct on July 2. My actions on that day were ill advised and an overreaction to the pressures of the moment. Many people were and are excited for “The Real World DC” and the opportunities that lay ahead. A camera instruction was given to document the situation and it was too much. The nation’s capital has given a warm welcome to “The Real World DC” and it is our desire to present this great city in the best light possible. I regret my actions that day and hope you will accept this apology.
Ryan Romkema

Lindsey Mastis responded with the following:

Dear Ryan Romkema,
Thank you for reaching out to me to apologize and explain your actions. I accept your apology. Sincerely, Lindsey Mastis

Click here to see the original TV story.

Behind the scenes video.

Lindsey’s blog can be found at:

The original FORUM thread.

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