Zacuto Makes a Shoulder Mounted Still-Cam

The folks at Zacuto must be like Q‘s lab from 007. They come up with cool innovative products and put their own style and flair on it.

They latest “spy” equipment is the DSLR Gunstock. Basically it allows you to take a motion picture capable still-camera (like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II) and shoot off your shoulder like a betacam. They’ve even developed a  loupe-based viewfinder.

Check out their introduction video for all the details. We’ll definitely have to take a look at this at NAB.

The mounts cost about as much as the camera itself, but James Bond-type innovation doesn’t come cheap.

Check it out at:

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  1. Shadewalker says:

    Also check out for another style of ‘run/gun’ stocks. (Easier for me to rig too!)


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