Voter Winners in AWARDS MESSENGER BAGI owe everyone an apology for my sloth, but mainly I owe an apology to the 2 winners of the AWARDS Voter Giveaway.  As part of the AWARDS, the top voters are given prizes as well – and it has taken until now to accomplish that. For that, again I apologize.

Enough groveling, let’s get to the prizes.

Each of these winners will recieve a MESSENGER BAG. These hip bags have tons of pockets and a padded compartment for your laptop. I carry one everyday – my laptop always at the ready. Even without a laptop, this makes a great run bag for mics and media.

So while the voting in the AWARDS was being tabulated, we counted how many votes each of you cast. The top 20 voters in each round were collected and one random winner from each round was selected.

It probably sounds more complicated than it should, but it is important for me to reward the voters in the AWARDS. It’s the democracy of having the AWARDS be selected by everyone – that makes our video contest work.

So enough about the AWARDS – let’s get to the voter winners.

Congratulations to Jim Sitton of WPTV, West Palm Beach, FL and Charles Fisher of WFAA, Dallas, TX they will both be recieving their prizes this week.

Thanks again to everyone who voted in the contest – and I look forward to doing this again next year.

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