Round 2 of the AWARDS

January 17, 2009 lead

trophyRound 1 of voting in the AWARDS is complete.

Congratulations to the photographers who shot the 130 clips that made it to the second round.

We started with 436 clips and you judged them well.

Now we’ve taken the top videos in each category and brought them into Round 2. We wanted to bring the top 10 clips in each category, but there were a few ties in the scores, so some categories may have more than 10 clips in Round 2.

The scores have all been zeroed and the deck has been shuffled. The top clips are all on an even playing field starting in the next round of voting. They are displayed in no particular order.

We need your vote again.

Please go to the AWARDS and watch these top clips. Judge them to find the best and most worthy of award.

We’ll announce the voting winners selected randomly from the top voters in the first round – and have more prizes for the top voters in the second round.

Thanks to everyone who submitted clips to the AWARDS. They are great this year.

Good luck to all the clips in Round 2.

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