Rules Released for the 2009 AWARDS

As 2008 comes to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on a year of great shooting. Sure, you didn’t always avoid the dreaded city council meeting, but you captured some great moments in top-notch, story-telling packages.

We want to see those stories!

Here are the basic rules:

1) UPLOAD your best work produced between January 1 and December 31, 2008 at TV.
2) ENTER your clip in individual categories starting at 12 noon ET on January 1, 2009.
3) VOTE. All registered members of the FORUM will be able to vote using our 5-point scale in two rounds of voting. During ROUND 1, voting will narrow the clips to 10 entries per category. In ROUND 2, FORUM members will vote again for their favorite entries from the narrowed field of clips.
4) WINNERS will be announced at the end of the second round, and the AWARDS trophies will be presented.

The official rules for this year’s contest are online.

Thanks to Fujinon, Zylight and Anton/Bauer for committing to sponsor the AWARDS again this year. The contest is just over 3 weeks away. Start collecting and uploading your best work now!

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