The Ultimate Merging of Stills and Video


Ok, this isn’t practical for news production by any means, but it’s still cool technology.

Basically, some very smart people at the University of Washington, are experimenting with using high-quality still images to improved the resolution, contrast and dynamic range of poor quality video.

Even more amazing is how easily a moving images can be patched or doctored. It’s almost as easy as using Photoshop to correct your video.

If you thought the public didn’t trust our images before, this will totally ruin any myth of “seeing is believing.”

It is way past my ability to properly explain, but this video does a great job.

This is still in the development stages, but I am sure we’ll see this as a Final Cut Pro plug-in one of these days.

Check out the University write-up.

Gizmodo article

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  1. villiagevidiot says:

    I quote Frank Barone, “HOLY CRAP”

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