Blocking the Media?

August 27, 2008 Uncategorized

“Comrades, WE OWN THE MEDIA NOW !”

That’s how the colorado indymedia blog begins an entry from last week. protesters in both Denver and Minneapolis are being taught how to block out the transmission of sat trucks in attendance. You should read the blog for more information, but they want you to sandwich layers of aluminum foil inside your protest sign and then hold those signs up in from of the sat dish.

I assume they want to get there message out by completely blocking the messenger.

A few professional trucks ops have chimed in to the comments to explain the extreme hazard of getting that close to a transmitting satellite dish. It’s definitely entertaining reading.

So if you’re walking around the “media village” and see a young kid was a 10ft x 10ft “mic flag”, I don’t think he’s working for a radio station.

Have fun at the conventions.

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