REVIEW| A Look at the D-Pro Xtender

May 6, 2008 Uncategorized

Even though I may appear to be a huge gadget-hound, I’m very much a minimalist when it comes to the typical shoot. Remembering my days of shooting with a 3/4 deck on one shoulder, a camera on the other, and a 15 pound “bat utility belt” around my waist – my compact and self-contained camera with no extraneous equipment is the only way to go.  I like to be light and nimble – while still having the proper arsenal to shoot good images.

It is with this stubbornness that I am cautious about adding new peripherals to my camera.

Shawn Dennison of D-Pro has convinced me to try something new. The Xtender is a hinged bracket that mounts on your camera and gives your standard camera light a lift.

I hate using my top light, but there are times when it is the only choice. The night interview with the police P.I.O. at at crime scene, or the quick interview with a politician running down a dark hallway. Just a little light off to the side to prevent the terrible “deer in headlights” look, and a bad image is made better.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey, there are plenty of light bracket solutions out there, what’s so great about this one?” Let me have Mr. Dennison show you…

D-Pro has thought of everything, include solid joints, and innovative mounting screws that don’t torque lose from use.

But the best part about the Xtender is – I’ve had it on my camera for a week now and I’ve forgotten it’s there. It doesn’t add any bulk to my camera; it doesn’t get in the way. It hides on my camera until I need it.

That is the definition of good peripheral gear. Stay out of my way – but be there when I need you.

Sounds kinda like the description of a good reporter.


  1. Carl Lemon says:

    Looks terrific. When I purchase a camera later this summer, I do believe I’ll be getting the Xtender for it. Will it work on a smaller camera like the canon xl h1? I hope so. Looks awesome!

  2. It only works with large format professional cameras which have the removable heavyweight top carry handle. You might try a camera bracket like the Bogen 233B for a smaller camera such as the XL1/XLH1

  3. Peter says:

    anybody know a price??

  4. Have you had a chance to look at the new XTENDER Mini Arm for smaller format video cameras and DSLR’s?

  5. magetv says:

    this is interesting…ad photos are a little misleading…makes one think that the arms extend up on both sections instead of just OUT on the first section and UP on the second…very nice pieces of kit all in all

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