Your Own Personal Feed Room

From: Andrew Finlayson, Vice President and News Director, Fox News Chicago

We are working on a website called The concept is simple, let people watch news as it happens anywhere in the world… raw, unedited on your computer at work or home.

It started on Super Tuesday with just a couple of feeds focusing on the Republican and Democratic candidates and has grown to 150 streams around the world. We think it will double that soon because we keep hearing from stations that are starting up live streams. We did it as a little newsroom experiment and now we have ABC, CBS and NBC stations involved.

We’ve been streaming the hearings about Iraq this week…nothing unusual about that…but we also stream the presidential candidates live every day…sometimes two or three times each a day as they go around the country. No one else is doing that.

We have been working on providing live video of the Pope’s visit to America from many different television stations. On Monday April 14th from 6-7pm CST we will have an experimental internet broadcast about the Catholic religion. We will look at the issues facing the Church and discuss the importance of this visit. It is a national effort that you can see on We of course hope to have raw feeds of the Pope’s travels at every possible opportunity. We are the only website that we know that is devoting this sort of effort to gather all of these live feeds into one location.

Perhaps you would like to link to this content over the next week? At the very least it might be a useful way to keep up with this historic event.

Being an eyewitness to news is very different from consuming prepared news content.

Like to see what you think. Our motto is “Veritas odit moras,” from line 850 of Seneca’s version of Oedipus. It means “Truth hates delay.”

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