EFP Lighting

NinoWe’ve been proud to have Nino Giannotti as a knowledgeable contributor to the b-roll.net FORUM for many years. After 37 years as a still photographer and cinematographer, he’s learned a thing or two about lighting.

In January 2007, Nino decided to share that knowledge with veteran and aspiring photographers around the world through his website http://efplighting.com.

The reaction to this free flow of information was amazing, with millions of hits in the first 6 months, and Nino realized he needed to expand his site. The new and improved version of http://efplighting.com contains free listings and a more in-depth paid section. A tremendous amount of professional expertise is now available for only $50 per year.

We’re happy to have EFP Lighting join b-roll.net as a sponsor and partner, and we wish them great success in educating the world’s photographers.

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