September 30, 2003 tips & tricks

From: Ron

After many aggravating years of covering hurricanes I’ve come up with the perfect hurricane wear.

First, you’re going to get very wet, so no cotton. The beauty of hurricanes (if there is one) is that for the most part they are warm storms. I wear nylon surfer trunks, t-shirt covered with a light weight breathable rain jacket and a pair of Teva sandals with velcro straps.

I just bought a pair of water shoes (they look like sneakers only they’re porous and you can wear them in water), they give a little more foot protection. Going out shooting in the storm then back into the sat truck and then back out again, you get soaked then dry, then soaked then dry, etc.

With the nylon trunks you’re bone dry in ten to 20 minutes, your feet are also dry, and you have little chance of hypo-thermia as with cotton jeans and such. Oh, and the best thing is to go commando in your trunks so the drip dry procees is faster and more complete.

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