Reporter Sandwich

November 30, 2001 tips & tricks

From: Duke Taylor and Lisa Carlson

All the photogs at my station have great light kits, but actually I usually only bring one light fitted with a Chimera (it’s like a big cloth box with black sides and a white front…it softens the light) into an interview. Figure out where you want the camera to be, where you want the iterviewer and interviewee to be, turn off the room lights, close the blinds, then use this fool proof formula……

The reporter always goes between the photog and the light. Like a reporter sandwich. Your reporter should be able to stick out his or her elbows and hit your camera with one elbow, and your light stand with the other. Sure there are fancier set-ups, but sometimes you don’t have enough space in a room, or the time, or the extra arms, to get too crazy with multiple lights.

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