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August 31, 2001 tips & tricks


Someone posted a tip on how to scrim down your camera mounted light with used dryer sheets…here’s a trick if you’re out in the field and don’t happen to handily have one static-clinged to your fleece vest. Sometimes I find myself in a poorly lit area getting quick bites with a bunch of different people. The ultralight is sometimes too much…the subject gets blinded, and the background becomes too dark. If your reporter has a press release or some other standard sized piece of white paper, borrow it. Pull two corners together like a scoop. Point your ultralight straight up in the air, and “scoop” the light back down with the paper. It puts a much softer and more flattering light on your subject.

This, of course, works best if you have your tripod…or an arm growing out the top of your head… or an intern.

Another trick: You’re in the shade, or in overcast skies, you love your soft gold reflector, but there’s no sun. You wish you could give your reporter just a little warmth in the skin tone. Throw on your ultralight…but NOT with the dichro. Just the regular ol’ light just like if you were indoors. White balance without it, then pop it on. Much of the light from the ultralight gets lost in the outdoors even in the shade, or under overcast skies, but a hint will hit them and be warm, because you white balanced without it on.

Not replacements for proper lighting, but tips that can improve certain situations.

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