Who Dat?

June 29, 2001 tips & tricks

From: JD DWORKIN photogrpaher/editor NEWS 12 CT

So, you are sent out to shout an anonymous interview. Your choices are some what limited to do so. You can shoot the reporter on a reversal, you can back light the subject into a shadow, you can shoot hands and feet, the lovable black dot or mosiac can be used, or even a reflection of his or her shadow on the ground. BORING! Here is a new way of shooting. You’re in the subjects house. Find something interesting. A flower, a statue, a vase, anything will do. Put this on a table and make it your foreground. Then put your lens on macro. This will distort your background were the interview is taking place. The interview is safely hidden and your viewers have something interesting to look at. It is a little different looking but your reporters will love it and the most important thing is NO BLOCK DOTS!!!

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