Protect that Nat Mic

June 10, 2000 tips & tricks

From: Clint Smith, KTAL – TV
When shooting a Marijuana eradication once, I had to have shots from the helicopter that I was ridding in. I felt that I needed to have shots of the side of the aircraft, to tell the whole story. But with the flimsy little wind screen that is supplied with the nat mic on my camera, I knew that wind noise was gonna be a problem. To cure this problem I took a finger off of a latex rubber glove in the first aid kit in the N.A.V (News Assault Vehicle).

1) Remove your wind screen on your nat mic.

2) take the finger and roll it on your mic like a condom. Really make sure that the end is tight!

3) place a rubber band over the mic securing the latex.

4)replace your windscreen. It works really good until you hit about 65 knots, but hey just regular 15 -20 mph wind is never a problem again!

Dan Fitzgerald adds that non lubricated condoms work very well at waterproofing almost any stick microphone without much loss of quality.

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