Richard W. Adkins, WRAL-TV, Raleigh, NC

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After the first weekend of summer in the states, our minds turn to outdoor activities, parties, cookouts and music. Some folks in the Raleigh, NC are reinventing the summer house party.

Richard W. Adkins and reporter Julia Lewis, hung out with Steve Gardner and Kurt Hickey at Pine Hill Farm, as they set up their place for a house concert. Basically they turn their home into an intimate concert hall for a night and let paying guest get an up close and personal connection with talented artists.

According to Richard, "House concerts are a growing trend in this area. Each weekend, people open their homes and charge a small cover charge. In return, guests are treated to a well-known national recording artist just a few feet away. All the money goes directly to the artist."

Richard's piece stood out with its smooth, peaceful flow. Its cadence matches that of the music being played. Reporter track is sparse, and gives just enough information to move the story along. Even though I'm not normally a fan of standups in stories like this, this one, nicely transitions the story to give the viewer more background.

Nice job, Richard... now I'm ready to go see a concert.

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