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Raymond Wilson
905 Hollycrest Drive
Champaign, Illinois 61821


Promotion/Production Manager
Fox Television Channel 55/27, Springfield/Urbana IL

Promote all aspects of the station to the public. Coordinate the production of television, print and radio advertisements, which promote the station. Work with local organizations to help the station is recognized as a community leader. Implement plans to ensure that contest and on-air promotions are of high production value. April 2001-Present.

Audio Visual Contractor
California Judicial Education and Research Division Administrative Office of the Courts, San Francisco, CA

Duties included setting, and operating sound, video and other projection devices. Audio and video system installations, multi-camera direction and computer system interfacing. Perform equipment-troubleshooting procedures on location. July 2000-March 2001

Production/Presentation Consultant

Exercise creative oversight; determine appropriate aesthetic applications of a variety of technical methodologies; and complete phases of program development or short-term productions. Perform the full range of television, video, film, and multimedia production functions including script evaluation, producing, and directing television, video, and film programming. Programs include informational, educational, and promotional themes. Clients included American Audio Visual and the Madam Walker Theater September 1998-July 2000

Audio Visual Coordinator
AVW Audio Visual, Incorporated, Las Vegas, NV

Coordinate audio and video production requirements for presentations and projects. Responsibilities include coordination of all aspects of staging and set-up. Administer daily workload to audiovisual staff. Participate with the client, in the development of their event. January 1998-September 1998

Audio Visual Consultant
Department Of Water & Power, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.

Analyze and plan the creative approach for television, and multimedia productions and perform a combination of specialized production tasks such as production scheduling, video/audio, computer, and; and/or setting-up/operating a variety of recording systems and related equipment. I exercised creative oversight; determined the appropriate application of a variety of methodologies, for program development. Responsible for a project or production creative technical function that requires specialized expertise. Projects were completed in high volume environments, while effectively maintaining a professional customer service status. June 1990-December 1997

Freelance Audio Visual Technician
Audio Video West, Universal City, CA

Duties included setting, and operating sound, video and other projection devices. Setting staging and lighting systems. Also resolved issues that occurred at the show site. February 1990 -June 1993

Grip/Gaffer, Technical Support
Video Production "Copper", Los Angeles, CA

Set and maintained lighting instruments. Provided video technical support for playback, projection. July 1993 -March 1994

Audio Visual Service Technician
Bauer Audio Video, Dallas, Texas; Los Angeles, CA

Duties included setting, and operating sound, video devices. Setting staging and lighting devices. Also performed light maintenance functions in the shop as well as on location. September 1982 -June 1986

Audio Visual Technician
McCune Audio Visual, Universal City, CA

Duties included setting, and operating sound, video and other projection devices. Setting staging and lighting instruments. Also resolved technical issues that occurred at the show site. July 1986 -June 1990

Audio Visual Communications, El Camino College, Torrance, California Broadcast Communications, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, California

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

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