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Brian Buss
2485 Clarke Crest Dr.
Dubuque, Iowa, USA 52001
(319) 582-9866

To produce thought provoking images as a photographer with a challenging news organization. 

1999 Cameraman / Production Assistant.  Kenneth Burke Conference Iowa City, Iowa

1998 Cameraman / Production Assistant.  Government Access Channel 4 Iowa City, Iowa

Experience with Sony Betacam, Ikegami 357A, Sony Supercam and Panasonic 9000

Proficient with 16mm Arri SR 2, Arri BL, and Bolex cameras

Editing skills with Media 100 and Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point

1996-1999 University of Iowa.  Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, in Communications with an emphasis in Film and Media Studies.

1999-2000 Internet Researcher.  Quest Global Intertainment, Inc. - San Jose, Costa Rica

1999 English Teacher.  Pacific Institute of Languages. Heredia, Costa Rica

1998-1999 Bijou Campus Movie Theater Board of Directors

1997-1998 Bijou Campus Movie Theater Volunteer

Professor Franklin Miller, Department Head of Film and Video Production, University of Iowa,

Professor Leighton Pierce, Department Head of Film and Video Production, University of Iowa,

Professor Hanno Hardt, Department Head of the School of Journalism, University of Iowa,

Shailen Mistry, Chief Technical Officer, Quest Global Intertainment, Inc.  San Jose, Costa Rica

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