Sony MDR-G59G
Street Style Headphones, Retail: $29.99

Reviewed by Stephen Press

Do you take the sound side of your work very seriously?

Any "Sound Nazi" would just laugh themselves stupid if they saw you with an earbud, lets face it that no way to get good sound. But you can't use the old full isolation tank commander sets in the field and still know what going on around you. So what's the answer?

Everyone seems to find their own but for me, I've been using the Sony Street Style headphones for over 5 years now. Because the band goes behind your neck they don't get in the way of your cool hat and you can flick one side off and the other will stay on. I find if I'm running and gunning I only listen to one track. If it's a sit down interview, I listen to both sides. Another thing is that unlike traditional headphone, which tend to cover your whole ear and thus filtered out other noises, this set of headphones cannot filter out external noises, so you can hear that heart stopping squeal of tires coming from behind you or the pathetic suggestions from the reporter standing next to you. Plus they are cheap enough that when you stand on the cord or walk away from the camera without taking them off... oh well.

Actually the best thing about them is to say to the reporter "would you like to listen to this?" and then snigger as they try to fit the headphones over their head. Worth an 8 out of 10 just for that.

The Sony MDR-G59G Street Style Headphones are available for around $29.00. For more information on these headphones, go to or check out the Sony website.

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Stephen Press, a freelancer out of New Zealand, has worked all around the world. He shot with Channel 5 in the UK and garnered this compliment from Adrian Monck | Managing Editor, Channel Five News "Stephen Press invented camera-work at Channel Five News. With nothing but talent, enthusiasm, and roller blades he forged a path that led to awards, success - and sadly for us - a return trip to New Zealand." Check out his work in the SPOTLIGHT AWARD or his website at

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